Father, husband, surf historian, Matt Warshaw chats about how to nurse the bruising of online commenters, the virtues of quitting surfing, pays tributes to surf’s little known stories, and he outlines a grander EOS. Enjoy! (and here’s a link to our Surf Ranch episode with Brisick. HERE)

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In pursuit of continuing education I learned about surf history, Manhattans, and why we celebrate some friends fashion risks while simultaneously shaming others ??


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Warshaw in Venice in ’72
Warshaw by Divine ’85
Warshaw in San Francisco in ’97
Warshaw in Nicaragua in ’03 by Divine
Warshaw in Nicaragua in ’03 by Divine
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Host, Writer, Producer: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

Intro Music: The Grateful Dead, Touch Of Grey

Segue Music: Dan Reeder, You’ll Never Surf Again

Outro Music: Bill Callahan, Seagull


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