Well, the secret is out. On November 21st, 2017 I surfed Kelly’s Surf Ranch with 14 friends and members of surf media. In today’s episode I recap the day with two of the attendees, writers Jamie Brisick and Matt Warshaw. We discuss the mechanics of the wave itself, how much we’d pay to surf it again, how it will diminish and improve the surf world, and what it taught us about our ocean surfing experience. Enjoy!

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From left to right: Sam McIntosh, Dave Gilovich, Dylan Heydan, Jake Howard, Brendon Thomas, Jamie Brisick, Chloe from the WSL, Jeremy Schluntz, Zach Weisberg, Dave Prodan, Matt Warshaw, David Scales, Morgan Williamson, Shinya Dalby, Michael Ciamarella, Ashton Goggans.
Lovely grounds, complete with fire pit, jacuzzi, and plenty of lounge areas.

It should be noted that the WSL did a wonderful job with hospitality and included lots of little touches like personalized lockers.
No show
Bassy gearing up
The boys from Stab warming up after they smashed their heat.

And here’s a great overview of the mechanics of the wave.



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