It’s been said that moving out from the shadow of a Father is the sons’ first and greatest burden. Jojo Roper, son of San Diego surfing legend Joe Roper, had a large shadow from which to move out from. Jojo is firmly in the sunlight. It’s also been said that every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example — not his advice. Jojo has certainly followed his Dad’s example – both father and son are hard charging, heavy water surfers. Like his Dad Jojo is solid; and I don’t just mean his constitution, I mean has values, his beliefs. A quiet, striking confidence. Jojo has plenty of big wave surfing experience under his belt- including Jaws, Nazare, Todos, Mavericks, Nelscott Reef, Oahu Outer reefs, Puerto Escondido, and Cortez bank on his resume. The Boardroom Podcast with Jojo Roper let us begin.


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