Punk-flavored surfer, skateboarder, entrepreneur, and activist, from Newport, Rhode Island, often described as “the Godfather of New England surfing”, literal godfather to Ian Walsh, defender of Ruggles, and friend to all, Sid Abbruzzi is our illustrious guest for today’s show. Abbruzzi discusses his origin story, the state of retail, the value of time away from surfing, and importance of community. Enjoy!

And listen to our original episode with Sid back in October 2016, episode 138 of Surf Splendor.com

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Sid at Ruggles
Sid in The Pit just before recording this episode.
Danielle Abbruzzi in The Pit
The surfboard ceiling in The Pit.
Just a few of the skateboard in Sid’s collection in The Pit.
Sid hosting a Q&A with Taylor Steele after hosting a screening of “Momentum Generation” for the Newport Film Festival.
Sid and Danille Abbruzzi
Spot check at Ruggles with the man himself.








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Sponsor: Manscaped.com promo code “SURFING” save 20% and get free shipping.

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