To open today’s show Scott deems David a “wave rider” (not a surfer) and they unpack Scott’s misuse of social media. The boys then cover the WSL’s European leg, why Julian’s new found motivation will yield a world title, Kaipo and Pete Mel’s blood feud, and why Scott’s new podcast will be available through the OWN network. Plus Dukes, Kooks, and much more! Enjoy!

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How do you define a “surfer”? After our last pod . . .

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Congrats to Julian Wilson and Courtney Conologue for your victories in France.



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Today, I’m announcing that I will be stepping down as President of OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network. Working for one of the greatest leaders in the world has truly been the most incredible opportunity in my career. I have learned and grown more over the past 10 years professionally than I did in the prior 20. The accomplishments over the last decade have been many – from ending the Oprah Winfrey Show, transitioning the company to a studio, moving to LA, and making OWN the most high-profile turnarounds in cable network history. What has made these many years of work so memorable and enjoyable are the people who I had the opportunity to work and partner with. My “Next Chapter” (as Oprah would say) is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. To marry my passion of surfing with my career is something that I never thought was possible or even imagageable 5 years ago. SUP, surfing, loving the ocean, were all things I’d never thought would be a part of my life. Now, it’s my life, my daily passion, and something that propels me into my next professional journey. Joining the World Surf League is something I never thought this kid from landlocked Oklahoma would say, but it’s happening. I’m beyond grateful tothe WSL for the chance to join the already exceptional team for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If I have learned one thing from Oprah over the past decade, it’s this: there is a “divine order” to the universe and our job is to get into that flow. We must LISTEN to what the universe is saying. So here I am. Marrying my passion with my career in this way is something only a higher power could forge for me. I’m humbled by this moment and still in a state of “I can’t believe this is happening!” But it is…. You’ll hear me say this a lot, but it’s true: #followyourpassion #liveyourpassion

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@solibailey maintaining control from start to finish. #WeeklyRaw #FeelsLikeFreedom

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David’s pick:

The Surf Channel is now available through Amazon Prime. Nearly all my childhood favorite surf films in one place!


Julian Wilson for finally delivering on his potential. Watch from the 5 minute mark to see Julian’s new found motivation.


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