In part three of On Boards, we meet master laminator Doug Fletcher (aka Fletch). Last week Dave Parmenter began to explain what happens after a surfboard is shaped. This week we Fletch and Parmenter detail vacuum bagging, what causes delamination, the pros and cons of polyester resin versus epoxy regarding strength, longevity, and health concerns. They also explain the differences between the 3 types of finishes and which is fastest in the water. They also reveal (perhaps) the single most important laborer in the surfboard building process, and it’s not who you think! Enjoy!

Dave Parmenter is at Nowtro.com and @AleutianJuice

Doug Fletcher isn’t much for social media, but you should follow his glassing facility here @SantaCruzBoardBuildersGuild

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Introducing this week’s glassing expert, the venerable Fletch!

If your laminator’s shoes don’t look like this, do they even laminate?

Just some of Fletch’s majestic work. Click the image to see more!

Click the image to read Parmenter’s full entry on EOS.surf
Parmenter getting tubed somewhere in . . . nevermind
Parmenter at JBay in 1988
Parmenter at home in SLO, 1999
Parmenter in New Jersey, shot by Julien Roubinet for Ice Cream Headaches (purchase HERE!)


Moondog, Chaconne in G major


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