Today’s episode of Spit! features an interview with Slurpee Wave photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh. But first, Scott and David discuss why today’s best rivalries are happening between surf media (not surfers!) and why all surf media is ignoring the biggest and most impactful stories in surfing. The boys also discuss the local surfers included into the Mavs comp, why Nazare didn’t go, and they even commit to ambitious New Year’s Resolutions. Plus, Dukes, Kooks, and much more. Enjoy!


Photographed by Jonathan Nimerfroh www.JDNPhotography.com and follow @JDNPhotography

Today was all time Slurpee!

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Slurpee Bath @soil_surfer

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Scott’s ongoing board review. Follow him on Instagram to see updates. @BoardroomShow

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Tomo’s Big Wave Guns

12months ago I shaped a custom 9’0 dual fin for @peter_mel after some detailed discussions on the future of big wave paddle surfing. Pete successfully rode some solid waves at Mavericks and Puerto Escondido on the 9’0 with brief but positive feedback.. ‘Don’t Change a Thing’. @jamie_mitcho was there to witness Petes rides and got in touch recently to place an order , this time a 10’0 with very serious waves in mind. I’ve had some experience with Dual fin designs in Bigger surf dating back to my session at large #Windnsea with @hydrodynamica on a Balsa replica of an original 9’0 Simmons dual fin in Dec 2005. Which lead me to explore the potential of this design with some ultra modern upgrades. Apart from the unique outline, this design features a deep quad concave through vee-bottom hull and a step rail and a flat to slightly concaved deck for enhanced edge control, plus custom power-drive hatchet keels with 50/50 foils. The goal: more speed , greater drive and to simply ‘outrun the beast ‘. Far from claiming any breakthroughs, I’m great full of the enthusiasm of Pete and Jamie and optimistic to see some great rides from the boys in the near future. ??

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Click to read the full feature on Matt Warshaw’s EncyclopediaOfSurfing.com

Is media infighting good for surfing?

Where are the surf journalists?

Do we minimize Gabriel Medina’s accomplishments?


Boardriders (dba, Quiksilver) buys Billabong. How much or little do you care? Link to full article. 

A sign adorns a Billabong store in Sydney’ s CBD on August 28, 2014, as the embattled Australian surfwear firm posted a 218.2 million USD net annual loss. The global retailer said revenue rose 1.6 percent to Aus$1.13 billion in the year to June 30, although underlying earnings — excluding discontinued businesses and significant items such as redundancy costs — fell 26.2 percent to Aus$52.5 million. AFP PHOTO/William WEST (Photo credit should read WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)

Stab releases the “Rich List”, surfing’s highest paid athletes. Link to article.

Stab also quantifies how much it costs to qualify. Link to article.


Comprised of the Top 10 surfers on the BWT rankings; standouts from the Big Wave Awards; BWT wildcards (not necessarily locals); BWT alternates; and the hotly contested field of local wildcards. For that last group, like at every other Big Wave Tour location, the six slots are reserved specifically for locals at the event’s break. So when it was time, BWT Commissioner Mike Parsons asked a small group of Mavericks pioneers to make this year’s picks. Two key members of that panel were Washburn and Flea;

2018 Mavericks Challenge Regional Wildcard Invitees:

Ben Andrews — Half Moon Bay
Tyler Fox — Santa Cruz
Travis Payne — Pacifica
Pat Shaughnessy — Santa Cruz
Jason Stark — Half Moon Bay
Anthony Tashnick — Santa Cruz


Dusty Payne suffers near-death wipeout at Backdoor.

Woman survives shark attack.

Da Hui runs day 1 of the Backdoor Shootout


Kelly’s Backdoor pit.


The BWWT for not Yellow-lighting, nor at least drawing attention to the potential start of the Nazare Challenge. It went huge, yet no update?


Nic Lamb for winning his 2nd consecutive Punta Galea Challenge to very little fanfare (in regard to media coverage). Bravo, Nic!


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