In today’s episode, Scott and David reflect on the work of Bruce Brown, Scott’s recent experience riding the replica of his “magic board” and his fondest surf trip memory with Matt Warshaw, they then discuss the 6 new KS Wave Co developments, who will win Pipe, when Iggy Pop will go away, and Scott delivers “The Bassy’s”, his end of the year WCT awards. Enjoy!


Scott’s replica board.

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R.I.P. Bruce Brown

R.I.P. Jean de Silva

Here’s Mayhem’s Instagram post from 2012

“Jean DeSilva just won the ECSC 6 star , in Va Beach, on a Mayhem SubDriver ( in Kehana construction) . Unfortunately, he felt some overwhelming desire to blatantly cover the logo. I guess he doesn’t want any more boards. On another note, After seeing 3 Brazilians and one 30 year old US vet ( Yeomans) in the semis, I think@it might be time for the young US pros to shut down their Instagesms, suspend their blogs, stop making webisodes, quit chasing girls and parties…. And nut the fuck up and start winning some god damn contests ( you boys know who I am talking about) be time for all” @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

R.I.P. Oscar Moncada


Cali kids rule Sunset

Kelly returns to surfing at Pipeline. David claims a round 3 exit. Bass claims a semifinal exit. What say you?


David thinks Josh Kerr will win the Pipe Masters. Any chance?


Click to link to the full discussion on Surfline.com

“We have a very robust business plan for the Kelly Slater Wave Co. We have one pilot facility at the moment, so it’s still in its very early stages. There’s multiple different arrangements we can look at to roll these wave systems out more broadly. Good news is, we have a huge amount of interest. We’ve targeted six developments that have already begun or will shortly be underway. Each of those arrangements is very different — it depends on the market and how the WSL sees them being used. From a capital perspective, we’re lucky to have a tremendous amount of ownership support, but we also have various other sources that are very keen to invest. Again, we’re trying to be very thoughtful about it and strategic. We’re not in a huge rush — although anyone who’s been up to Lemoore has been pretty blown away. So it’s accelerated our ambitions around how meaningful these can be for surfing. We remain committed to the ocean, and our events in the ocean have become as important as ever.” Sophie Goldschmidt


Scott’s award show, honoring the finest achievers from the WSL.

The Fantasy Surfer Disappointment of the Year Award

Winner: Josh Kerr

The Archie Bunker Blue Collar Award

Winner: Nat Young

The Bede Durbidge Middle-of-the-Road Award

Winner: Frederico Morais

The Fast Food Diet Award



It’s sick, but all the hype happened in the pre-release. Do we have the attention span for a 35 minute viewing?

Snapt 3: Reloaded from Change For Balance on Vimeo.


Scott’s Pick: Brett Barley at Pipeline

David’s Pick: JJF at Rockpile


Scott’s Pick: Tosh Tudor

Grommet dream made reality @toshtudor early bird session!

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David’s Pick: Dustin Barca

Aloha Aina Warrior: Teaser from Change For Balance on Vimeo.


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