In today’s episode of Spit! Scott recounts his recent trip to France and gives us a first-hand account of the waves that blessed the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros. Scott and David then discuss what the WSL can learn from bull riding, the Aikau family’s ugly divorce from Quiksilver, why Maverick’s should be a ‘CT event, and why adults shouldn’t pick fights with children. Plus, Dukes and Kooks and much more! Enjoy!


The Randy & Shaun tangle up.

Mark Richards is a man worth following. This might be the best description I’ve read of what it’s like to surf the pool.

This was the very first wave I rode in Kelly’s Pool last week. From start to finish a ride lasts about 55 seconds. There were 6 of us sharing the session & a wave comes every 4 minutes. So everyone spreads out along the length of the pool & hopes whoever is ahead of them misses it or falls off. ( kinda like the super bank situation on the Goldy ). I was about half way down the pool after the first barrel section when I caught this one. I got totally confused at the end of this wave as 3 lumpy ribs appeared on the face, I lost concentration, caught an edge & fell off. The wave is absolutely Epic, much bigger in real life than on video. It has push & power & feels much faster than an ocean wave. There are 4 distinct parts to the wave, the first 1/4 is open face, second 1/4 it barrels, then it goes open face again, then finishes with a barrel. I never managed to get one of the rights from start to finish to really get a feel for it. All my rights were picked up at various stages down the pool after someone had fallen off. I’m riding a regular PU board, one of my Super Twin models, 6’1″, 201/4″ wide & 25/8″ thick. I don’t have a Pit Crew like the guys on the tour so Mick Fanning was my coach. I was totally apprehensive & a bit freaked out about going out straight after the men’s final with everyone still watching. Mick gave me a pep talk but by that stage he had smashed a few beers so it was bordering on tips from Mick’s alter ego Eugine !!! @mfanno @wsl @kellyslater @kswaveco @davecromo @slimes_surf_skate @timdickson @pop_diddy @pierre_agnes @cidoubleyou @euroglass @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @boskophoto #markrichardssurfboards #mrtwinfin #mrsupertwin #mrsupertwinmodel #twinfinfevercatchit #twinfinfever #twinfinsforever #twinfinsrule

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Highlights of the event? The epic waves. John John’s performance. Gabriel Medina returning to form. Stephen Bell falling while caddying Leo’s board.

Hey WSL, why all the clickables? The site is so chaotic.


Link to the full story on BeachGrit.com


Link to the fully article on SurferMag.com


Scott’s going this week. He’ll be reporting back shortly.


Scott’s Duke: His dog Duke. R.I.P.

Today we said goodbye to Duke. Love you buddy.

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David’s Duke: The Positive Vibe Warriors, aka the Gudauskas brothers.

CAN’T STEAL OUR VIBE?? We are so thankful for all the support for the #cantstealourvibe surfboard drive. It started off as an idea with @patrickgud @danedamus @tannergud and @mikeyfebruary to help support foundations @surfersnotstreetchildren and @wavesforchange to provide them with surfing equipment to help provide a positive outlet to the community. The sport of surfing is used as therapy for many of these kids and to see the surfing community rally and give back STOKES ?????? us out more than anything. This couldn’t have been done without the support from @jackssurfboards @surfride @prooflab @wsl @freelinesurf @fleahab for being a drop off location and making this process run smoothly. Also to @surfindustries _ for donating 80 beginner boards to help the first experience in the water become a positive one. Lastly thank you to all of you who found a surfboard, wetsuit, boogie board or any equipment to donate to this board drive. You made this possible and the journey to bring positivity into the lives of thousands of kids starts today. ?: @jimmicane #PassthePositivity #keepthevibealive

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Whoever this adult douchebag is for attacking this kid. Seriously, WTF??


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