Matt Calvani is the owner and head shaper of Bing Surfboards. Bing Surfboards is one of very few remaining California legacy surfboard brands. Founded in 1959 by Bing Copeland, Calvani officially partnered in the business in 2007. In today’s episode of Shaping Surfing, Calvani discusses the responsibility of fostering a legacy, the challenges of keeping the brand fresh, and why human interaction and manufacturing in California are core tenets of the brand. Calvani also shares his origin story, how to make a magic board, and the joyous follies of shaping boards for Dave Rastovich. Enjoy the show!

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The old Bing Surfboards store
The new Bing Surfboards store

Dave Rastovich riding Calvani’s Speed Square

Bing team rider Lauren Hill photographed by Nathan Oldfield

The last board Matt Calvani rode was the Concave Keel. Click the image to acquire.

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