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Surfing World 419 features an exclusive with four guys from Avalon who took off on a surf trip to Kamchatka, Russia, only to have war break out in the Ukraine while they were in the air. We then tell the story of the outrageously talented Shaun Manners, who for three years has battled a crippling, phantom injury, managing to drag himself out of a dark, depressive space and onto the cover of the mag. Along with this, we have deep dive interviews with Gerry Lopez, Steph Gilmore and Craig Anderson, we go surfing with Yvon Chouinard and Jodie Barsby, and we preview SW420… Surfing World’s 60th anniversary issue, making us the longest published surf magazine in the world.

Surfing World is being published independently by Jon Frank and Sean Doherty, two surf mag lifers. They have form. Frank is the Godfather of high-art surf photography. Seano is on a million-word surf story bender. They both hold a deep respect for surfing. Surfing World is a passion project for them. They’ve inherited a sense of duty. A surfing elder summed it up to them this way: “Make something beautiful that really says something.”

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SW419 features conversations with a legendary roll call of surfers… Shaun Manners, Craig Anderson, Steph Gilmore, Jodie Barsby, Jed Done, Yvon Chouinard and Gerry Lopez. We also feature the exclusive story of four guys from Avalon who travelled to Kamchatka, Russia on a cold water surf trip, only for Russia to invade Ukraine while they were flying to Moscow.

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