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    Slopestyle in snowboarding is a much better comparison to surfing than a half pipe.  You start off and have rails, jumps, and a whole slew of other things to hit and picture if you will a half pipe at the end.  This is surfing.  Lots of opportunities and an air section at the end.  But in the WSL (Chas) we are allowing a surfer to skip all the rails, jumps, and tricks and surf down to the half-pipe and score a 10.  I like a good air and sometimes I even squeak out a gasp if one is amazing but to me, it is never more than a 7, at best.  Surfing is an entire slopestyle course and  getting a 10 on the half-pipe only, is a joke.

    Chas Smith

    Airs should be scored based on their make rate! Air reverse? .8 bump. Hands-free full rotar? 3.4!

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