I spent some time with Brendon Gibbons over a decade ago; about a month in Southern California and a week in Costa Rica. Chapter11 does a great job paying tribute to him with this update. Enjoy!


As a kid from South Africa, getting international recognition for your talent is a feat. Visa’s, conversion rates, exposure, sponsorship, etc. it doesn’t come easy.

Brendon was on the younger side of the Kai Neville/What Youth era but carved a unique niche with his style and ability, garnering sponsorship with US companies. He used that as a foothold to become a US Citizen. Which he says he’s proud of. But during his time as a resident living in Costa Mesa and surfing Huntington, He was kinda hiding out in plain sight. Didn’t see much of his surfing reach the internet.

But, he spent the past year back in South Africa surfing with the next generation of surfers which he says is invigorating.

We collected footage from SA and caught up with him on the phone about various stuff including his nicknames he’s accumulated. One we particularly liked – Beegus Christ – which we titled the video as.

This surfing is raw and energetic and inspires me to get out there and demo some crests of balls of energy that roll through the sea.



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