Self proclaimed “#1 Surfer In The World”, pro surfer antagonist, aspiring Centaur, and the greatest to ever surf Alabama, Sterling Spencer joins the podcast to discuss the paradoxical relationship between comedy and depression, why you shouldn’t go vegan, and being kissed on the lips by Jeremy Flores. Enjoy!

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When I was a kid I would sneak into my dads surf room and look at all his surf legendness photos on his walls and his secret @surfersjournal collection… He caught me in there one day .. he came up and told me I’m gonna have my own surf movies and be in magazines one day … thank you dad for the life you gave me and the love you send from heaven?? Thank you @mikeadno for coming to Pensacola and wanting to do this piece.. it was a great honor to be interviewed by such a top notch human being ?? Thank you to all my family .. @yancyspencer4th for inspiring my surfing and the foundation of my humor .. @abigailspencer for showing me love and hard work @lydiaspencer for giving birth to me and letting me be my gemini self Thank you to my Gulf Coast surfing family .. all for one and one for all Thank you to @billabong @enich @jarrodduanetallman y’all gave me the opportunity and support to be me to the fullness and I am truly grateful ?? To my brother @poorolddave you’re the genius behind everything and I took the fame and glory ? Thank you to @ryanspencer for starting my journey filming and dreaming as kids Thank you to my wife @___les_yeux_sans_visage you’re the sunshine of my existence Thank you @kellyslater @floresjeremy @lairdhamiltonsurf for letting me ride yalls coat tails and making people think we weren’t friends(to let be be famous) but really we were the best friends ?? Thank you @thegoldenbear @alex.dantin @yancyspencer4th @djstruntz for the epic shots in the mag and keeping it local ? Thank you @innerlightsurfshops for all of the support over the years and keeping the gulf coast legit Thank you @chris_christenson73 for supporting me through the hard times and now the best times Thank you to all my friends who make me a rich person Thank you everyone at @surfersjournal it’s an honor Love everyone I’ve met on this life journey and wish peace n love to everyone #youknowtherules

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Love her forever ?

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