Board builder Ryan Harris runs the world’s only zero waste surfboard factory. Today he shares his origin story, how designing shoes translates to shaping, the importance of starting at the bottom, and how he’ll make more money from his trash than he will from selling surfboards. Enjoy!

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Upcycled Handplanes
Ry Harris with his “shred”; surfboard construction waste that is ground into mulch and then upcycled.
Shred in the mold becoming coasters.
Shred + Resin = Surf Waste Coaster








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Happy Friday!!! We’re stoked to introduce our newest addition to the quiver. Say hello to: The Dungeon Seeker ~ Developed with local SouthBay charger @eastondjones the Dungeon Seeker is our newest high performance shortboard model. To put it simply, it’s a tube hound. Designed for winter juice and those days when your go to squash tail shorty just won’t do…We took our popular HJM model, slightly pulled in the nose, adjusted the tail width in front of the fins and pulled in the tail to a tight rounded pin. The rocker has been increased to account for more wave face and curve in the wave. The elliptical outline allows for longer rail line in the water which increases drive and lift. Standard single to double concaves transitioning into vee off the tail for optimum drive…the rounded pin tail allows for tighter turns in the pocket and maximum hold in solid waves. Who’s ready?! And yes, we might happen to have a couple at our Annual Holiday Sale tomorrow #smallbusinesssaturday Yeww!!! #thedungeonseeker


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