In today’s episode Darren Handley of DHD Surfboards details his first encounters with Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning, he explains the challenges of scaling his business internationally and why he’s chosen to outsource some of his manufacturing. He explains how a new shaping robot has improved his business and his 5 years plan to in introduce a motorized DHD into the Snapper Rocks line up. Enjoy!

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DH in Vissla’s Shapers Shack at the Sydney Surf Pro. Photo: Jeremiah Klein
DH by Jeremiah Klein


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@mfanno DNA Round Tails now available. 5’11 x 18 13/16 x 2 5/16 at 26.9L 5’10 x 18 13/16 x 2 5/16 at 26.6L

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Darren is the ski driver in the clip below


Sponsor: Slowtide.co , use promo code “podcast” to support this show and save 10%

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