Welcome to Off Script presented by Hurley; behind the scenes at the Surf Ranch Pro (also) presented by Hurley. Today we catch insights from finalist Sebastien Zietz, 2018 Rookie of the Year hopeful Wade Carmichael, two groms who just won golden tickets to surf, Nick Carroll spills insider gossip about Surf Ranch rental fees and who’s been buying waves, and lastly, Pat O’Connell shares Hurley’s longview regarding their partnership with the WSL. Enjoy!

This series is presented by Hurley. Use promo code “podcast” to get 20% off everything on Hurley.com.


Sponsor: Hurley, use promo code “podcast” to get 20% off everything on Hurley.com

Written, Produced, Hosted: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

Intro Music: Moondog, Bumbo

Segue and Outro Music: Panda Bear, Bros


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