Welcome to Off Script presented by Hurley; behind the scenes conversations with the athletes, coaches, and WSL team at the Surf Ranch Pro (also) presented by Hurley. Today we meet the only permament resident of Surf Ranch, a 20 year old who was taught to surf by Raimana 3 years and now gets shacked on his 5’9″, we finally unmask the identity of Jen See, Aaron Smith of Channel Island details pool-specific board design, and Lakey Peterson reveals that she learned how to backside tude ride in Lemoore over the past  3 weeks. Enjoy!

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Sponsor: Hurley, use promo code “podcast” to get 20% off everything on Hurley.com

Written, Produced, Hosted: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

Intro Music: Moondog, Bumbo

Segue and Outro Music: Panda Bear, Bros


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