In today’s episode Scott and David assign a monetary value to VIP experiences and an ideal dinner dates, they objectify competitive longboarding, shame big oil, and advocate for Ricardo Christie investing in butt implants. Plus Dukes, Kooks, and so much more!

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Join Wayne Lynch for dinner and receive a shaped blank from the Icons of Foam Tribute to the man himself . . .


The Revamped World Longboard Tour bullet points:

– Devon Howard, Longboard Tour Director

Tour Schedule

Surfers best 2 of 3 results in these events qualify for championship in Tawain

?      Noosa, Australia: March 7 – 10, 2019   – $30,000 for men, $30,000 for women – 6,000 points

?      Galicia, Spain: August 27 – 31, 2019   $30,000 for men, $30,000 for women – 6,000 points

?      Long beach, New York,: September 6 – 12, 2019   $30,000 for men, $30,000 for women – 6,000 points


Best 2 of 3 results from above events, combined with finish in this championship determines the year’s world champs.

?      Taiwan Open World Longboard Championships: December –  $60,000 for men, $60,000 for women – 10,000 points

Current World Champs 2018

– W’s –  Soleil Errico (USA)

– M’s – Steven Sawyer (SAF)


Article 69: Judging Criteria for Longboard

The Surfer must perform controlled maneuvers in the critical section of the wave utilizing the entire board and wave using traditional longboard surfing. The Surfer who performs this to the highest degree of difficulty with the most style, flow and grace will receive the highest score for a Ride.

Further to that above, the following are key elements for Judges to consider:

• Nose riding and rail surfing

• Critical section of wave

• Variety

• Speed and power

• Commitment

• Control

• Footwork





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“The well that was being drilled by Deepwater Horizon was over 10 kilometres deep compared to just over 2 kilometres that Equinor is proposing here.” This is what Resources Minister @mattjcan – the minister responsible for any Bight drilling – said on @triplejhack this week. It was, of course, utter horseshit. The Deepwater Horizon was 5km… while Equinor’s Stromlo 1 will be slightly deeper than 5km. This is the fucking minister! He just plucked numbers out of his ass, and can barely control his excitement at the prospect of @equinor drilling this hole. Feel free to let him know how you feel about his drilling project… while we await @freddopawle fearlessly crusading for the truth on this one. #fightforthebight #bigoildontsurf

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