In today’s episode Scott and David discuss the dangers of competitive tickling, Mick’s huge victory over Kelly Slater, why Julian will miss a 4 foot putt, and they analyze how the incestuous nature of the surf industry neuters all the fun. Plus Dukes, Kooks, and so much more!

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From Fat Occy . . .


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Power reigns supreme.

John John is out with injury.

This year has been so much fun regardless of my results. Through some of the tough losses Ive learned more than I have in the past couple years. That’s why I love competing — the chance to learn is always there, win or lose. I love the drive to win you get from a loss. I feel like I’m more driven to win than ever from this year. Unfortunately I hurt my knee during a freesurf here in Bali, and I have to pull out of the next event to get back and heal up as quickly as possible. I was trying bottom turns in the yard last night to see if there is any way for me to possibly surf this event, but nothing about it felt right. Haha! I think it’s best I heal 100% before I get back in the water. When I was a little kid I watched my favorite surfers winning events and trying big airs and big maneuvers and dreamed of doing those things. I will never lose that. I’m excited for everything to come. I hope to come out of this injury smarter and more excited than I have ever been.

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Sketchiest deck ever?

Kolohe vs Julian: what say you?

Congrats to the Kung Fu Panda


Scott’s (made up on the spot): Cult of Freedom

David’s: Strider’s Instagram account. Here’s one gem . . .

True Story: in 1993 Ricky Massie got me a meeting with Quiksilver and Danny Kwock the VP of Marketing. I left his office and thought, well f#%k you too in tears! “I don’t need another California kid going to Hawaii thinking he is going to be a hero at Pipeline!” He said. The team manager Robbie Todd went back in after and got me $500 bucks, a ticket to Hawaii and some Quiksilver gear and stickers. “Good Luck man!”… Cut to living on garage floors, but I was on the North Shore, Hawaii! One day I was sitting under neath the bushes of the now Quiksilver house (which was my house 10 years later and I made it the Quiksilver House) watching 200 plus guys on a Perfect day at Pipeline… the guy next to me passed me a joint, I took a hit (?) and said how crowded it was. The guy next to me said, “it only takes one wave man!”. So I went out.. 150 people on the first reef, so I paddled out toward second reef. I ran into Noah Johnson @n04hj and he said there is a wave here halfway between happening! I left paddling and that wave came right to me, Noah J was caught inside and yelled, “go you fucker!”. Cut to two months later, I’m still sleeping on the floor of a garage at Alex Cox’s house at Rocky Point. I turn over a @surfer_magazine and there I was on the cover surfing Pipeline… my childhood dream came true that day. I cried tears of joy for an hour looking at that cover. It had been drawn all over, joint in my mouth, fart coming out of my ass and haole kook with an arrow pointing at me… I didn’t care, I was on the cover! So don’t let people break your spirit, follow your dreams and make it happen on your own accord. No one is going to give you anything, it’s up to you… #1993 #pipeline #hawaii #surfing #stillloveit #thankyou #southsideboys ?, @photogordinho / @donkingfilms

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Adriano de Souza for fleeing the scene of the crime to make his heat at Bells CLICK HERE TO READ


Everyone who failed to name the historic swell at Cloudbreak on May 27th.

The Ramon Swell?

The Should Have Been Deeper Swell?

The Makua’s Surf Crash Swell?

The Barrel Dodgers Swell?


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