In today’s show David and Scott recap the spectacle that was the 2016 Fiji Pro. In addition to the surfing highlights, they analyze Wiggoly’s controversial paddling tactics, Wilko’s haphazard title campaign, and they question the limitations of the 10 point ride. Enjoy the show!


Congratulations to Gabriel Medina!

Do you think Gabe’s airs were being underscored? Is this the best air ever done at Cloudbreak? I’d say so.

Look at Wilko’s heat scores through the event. Bravo to his new found competitive prowess, because his surfing was infinitely inferior to JJF’s, Slater’s, Fanning’s. . . . and . . . shall I go on?

No one is more casual, confident, nor talented than John John Florence. Such a bummer to not see him surf past the Quarters.

Kelly returned to form in this event, but still can’t beat Gabriel Medina. That said, we finally saw the (only) style of waves that his board, The Banana, work in: 6-8′ perfect reef passes.

And bravo to Kelly for seeking retribution against Wiggoly for his tactics against Conner earlier.

Wiggoly’s aforementioned, questionable interference tactics to win heats against Conner Coffin and Michel Bourez.

Which 10 was your favorite?


FREEZING: a cold water surf trip

FREEZING – a cold water surf trip. from Two Eyes Film on Vimeo.


Jon Roseman for his many contributions that have made Tavarua what it is today.



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