#TOURNOTES! It’s the dessert course after every ‘CT event. We’ve been hyping the series since it launched nearly 2 years. David even makes a cameo in the very first episode! (Scroll down to the very first video on this page to see). The video series is produced by the incomparable Peter King.¬†With 52 episodes and over 1 million views of the past 2 episodes alone, it’s no wonder why StabMag.com called him “surfings most powerful journalist.” We Google’d Peter and found very little information, so we thought, let us be the first to share the story of Peter King, straight from the man himself. Enjoy!

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Here’s the complete #TOURNOTES series in reverse chronological order (as of 11/8/14).

David was one the beach, filming with Brett Simpson, when Peter King showed up and produced his very first episode of #TOURNOTES. David used some of the footage from that session in this edit. Peter’s version is the video above entitled, “#TOURNOTES with Brett Simpson”, where you can see David in the background at the 1:03 mark.

F1RST QUARTER from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.


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