David Scales spends the hour with 3x Women’s Longboard Champion, Cori Schumacher. They discuss some of the challenges Cori faced as female professional surfing emerged in the mid 90s and how hypersexualization challenges the current growth of the sport.

Visit Cori’s website, State of Flux at CoriSchumacher.com

Cori’s recommended reading is:

Surfer Girls

Cori’s recommended viewing: Out In The Line Up

And lastly, we asked Cori to provide an image for the cover art of this episode. Here’s what Cori provided, along with her response:

Audrey Kawasaki

“I’ve included an art piece by Audrey Kawasaki that is representative of the mixed sensation I have around women’s surfing (industry and free) which captures that inbetween space of sinking and/or emerging. Is this a woman rising from the depths of the ocean to speak some long-held secret? Are we, as a culture, ready to listen what she is about to speak? Or is she caught in a bucking, frothing, overwhelming sea, nearly drowning? This is the “where” we are negotiating and I think this piece captures it nicely. It is also ART/creativity-beauty, which I feel Big Surfing could certainly use more of, rather than lowest-common-denominator, lazy marketing schemes. ” Cori Schumacher



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