The Shaper Shack is a four part series featuring some of Australia’s finest surfboard shapers. From inventing the Thruster, to developing renewable materials, incorporating artificial intelligence into shaping,  and scaling a global business, these shapers share their blueprint and speculate on the future. Today’s episode features Shyama Buttonshaw, Luke Daniels, Gunther Rohn, Stuart Campbell and his son Ryan. Enjoy!

This episode is supported by Vissla. Check out their Recover Tee’s, made from plastic bottles and recycled cotton.

SHYAMA BUTTONSHAW of @Shyama_Designs

LUKE DANIELS of @DanielsSurfboards

GUNTHER ROHN of @GuntherRohnSurfboards

STUART AND RYAN CAMPBELL of Water Pistols Surfboards @WaterPistolsSurfboards


Sponsor: Vissla.com

Host, Edit, Producer: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

Intro Music: Grimes, Genesis

Outro Music: The Sea & the Cake, Sound & Vision


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