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That’s a very good question. I feel it may have something to do with where one lives. For example here on Oahu with surfing being such a big part of the culture and no major sports team, when a live WSL event is on you can find it broadcasted in restaurants and bars. If a local is fighting in the UFC or Bellator it will get a huge following on social media and the news.

Personally I will go to watch the Pipe Masters and or the Triple Crown if it’s firing. As for watching the broadcasts, I follow certain surfers and tune in to see how they are doing, if the surf is good and the weather outside bad, I will watch hours on end. I enjoy watching the full heats rather than the recaps because I like to see the strategy and wave choices.

Having been a long time listener of the podcasts I also find it interesting to observe changes in the WSL’s ways, formats after they have been discussed on one of the shows. It’s proof they are listening even if there is no credit given.

Just some random thoughts over coffee.