In episode six Donald and Ashton discuss how to erase worry, subconscious obstacles, how the way we respond to a wave is precisely what surfing is, self identify tension and pain receptors and the reality we all face of wasting waves.

Hosted by Donald Brink @DonaldBrink and Ashton Pickle @AH.Vessels

Sponsor: Vissla

YouLane is . . . A year spent experimenting with boards and concepts shared together with Ashton Pickle. Learning together shapes you. Connecting weekly, recording these every three months and holding things loosely within the framework which we designed and committed to. Ashton is a talented shaper and excellent surfer. A husband and father of three.Specifically designing and shaping twin fin surfboards, for all wave types. I appreciate his vulnerability and willingness to spend this year together and record these with me for you all. Together we learn. Jimmy Thompson sits in on episode 5 and explains how he understands surfing and the places these twin fins and designs have taken him and his surfing. The goal of the entire “YouLane” concept is to find someone in your life with whom you can create a structure and framework that suits you. Learn, live, share.Repeat.

Episode 6 Notes:

*What does a board shaped by Ashton look like.
*Asking this of myself, from going through these episodes and work.
*Taking away worry or burden of how things should be.
*Trying to impress people, trying to come up with groundbreaking stuff.Striving without knowing.
*Aligning objectives
*Subconscious obstacles.
*Excitement to shape vs stress.
*Creative expression.
*What’s the most important thing to keep alive to make better boards.
*Try things, you don’t have all the answers just try.
*Horizons and perspectives.
*Self worth.
*Ashtons changes in the freedom in his shaping.
*Technical changes to the front shoulder.
*Reacting to the wave.
*Rather respond
*The way we respond to  a wave, is what surfing is.
*Self identify tension & pain receptors.
*Pin pointing tension in surfing down the line.
*Wasting waves
*Finding the hard parts to bring the ease.
*Remembering your own story.
*Diving deep into your path.
*Bringing back elements from 1’st and 27’th boards.
*Staying in your lane.
*Reverence and Reference !
*Past boards
*Boards as a currency
*Boards have a mystery !
*Does building boards matter?
*Viewing goals and rules.
*Disciplined freedom.
*Curiosity. Being willing to be wrong and being willing to play.
*End points, odyssey, voyage.


Sponsor: Vissla

Host, Producer: Donald Brink @DonaldBrink

Host: Ashton Pickles @AH.Vessels


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