In episode three we do a Petri dish of experiments, discuss going to extremes then tailoring it back to learn the middle, the UBUNTU, riding tiny or small boards along side the longer rail experiments, how the day you know is a day of arrogance and why knowledge is knowing what you do not know. Enjoy!

Hosted by Donald Brink @DonaldBrink and Ashton Pickle @AH.Vessels

Sponsor: Vissla


YouLane is . . . A year spent experimenting with boards and concepts shared together with Ashton Pickle. Learning together shapes you. Connecting weekly, recording these every three months and holding things loosely within the framework which we designed and committed to. Ashton is a talented shaper and excellent surfer. A husband and father of three.Specifically designing and shaping twin fin surfboards, for all wave types. I appreciate his vulnerability and willingness to spend this year together and record these with me for you all. Together we learn. Jimmy Thompson sits in on episode 5 and explains how he understands surfing and the places these twin fins and designs have taken him and his surfing. The goal of the entire “YouLane” concept is to find someone in your life with whom you can create a structure and framework that suits you. Learn, live, share.Repeat.

Episode 3 Notes:

*Ally-oop vs air-reverse
*Petri dish of experiments.
*Following the leads in learning.
*13 experimental boards since last discussion in “YouLane” project.
*Going to extreems, then tailoring it back to learn the middle.
*Riding tiny or small boards along side the longer rail experiments.
*Preconceived vision for how a board would and does surf. Mind, approach, then sensation.
*Open ones eyes to what other people think and how they design and shape surfboards.
*Sorting through questions that lead to new ideas.
*Feeding questions, with questions.
*Intrique and fascination
*Setting out to learn and surprising findings.
*The day you know is a day of arrogance.
*Knowledge is knowing what you do not know.
*Being willing to say: “I do not know”
*Building intuition.
*Knowing things to be true and asking why? To see it in a new light.
*Chasing feelings.
*5’3”x19.5”x2.18” curved channels.
*Boards being comfortable.
*Look at your quiver and consider comfort as a good descriptor for good design.
*Same board, different fins.
*Design windows, and creative flow.
*Board telling you what it wants you to do.


Sponsor: Vissla

Host, Producer: Donald Brink @DonaldBrink

Host: Ashton Pickles @AH.Vessels



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