A fun feel good, all-girls surf film, not serious just for fun.

Starring: Stephanie Gilmore, Nikki Van Dijk, Tyler Wright, Macy Callaghan and Dimity Stoyle. (@stephaniegilmore) @nikkivandijk) (@tylerwright) (@macyjanecallaghan) (@dimity)

Edit by Dan Scott (@danscotttt)

Super 8 By Ava Warbrick (@avawar)

Footage by Dan Scott

Additional footage by Georde Grigor (grigs_)

Special thanks to music artists Austin Green – “Six Finger Hand – Mathew” (@sixfingerhand) – “Macy & Steph section” & Lazertits – Yeah nah “Steph section” (@lazertittays)

Titles by Steph


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