I’m super late to get hip to Vlogs. I don’t even like saying the word. But through years of forced exposure, and perhaps the impending Thanksgiving holiday, I’m feeling a twinge of gratitude for the tireless efforts of Vloggers. The truth is, they are giving me exactly what I want, it’s usually just packed somewhere within 80% of stuff I don’t want. VON FROTH is one dedicated Vlogger that keeps edits more streamlined and always effectively translates the experience of the travel experience. And his surfing is absolutely world class. This episode offers a much more relatable, albeit still scary, version of Nazare. What a spectacular place!

Always dreamt about riding a huge barrel at Nazaré. It’s that one frontier that hasn’t been cracked properly at Nazaré. Everything came together on this day, 15-20ft perfect condition and I finally got what I was looking for a big barrel on a 10’4 board. Very happy to have had this last few days surfing with great people by my side as well. Hope you enjoy this back to winter in Portugal episode!

Produced by Von Rupp Media
Filmed by Kenny Kemp
Above Creators Laurent Pujol, Leo Domingues
Edited by Kenny Kemp
Production assistant Carmo Raposo


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