“Sending it” on a wave could be a good analogy for the outstanding feature film director Mikey Corker just finished.  It’s called Savage Waters, and his DIY career leading up to this exemplary work of documenting adventure and exploration is personified by the tone and grit we hear in this interview.  The patience required to time an unknown wave in the Savage Islands, sold to the boat captain in an 1891 treasure hunting book, is the stuff of well, movies…. Take a listen to Mikey’s journey from grunt gigs to director to Savage Waters.

Knights Family. Copyright Craig Maddison
Savage Waters – Behind the Scenes – Mikey Corker and Andy McLeod (photographer Ghislaine Couvillat)
Savage Waters – Behind the Scenes – Mikey Corker filming (photographer Ghislaine Couvillat)
Copyright Gary McCall – Taz Knight surfing in Ireland
Andrew Cotton
Taz Knight
Matt and Taz Knight


Producer: The Florida Surf Film Festival @FLSurfFilmFest

Host, Producer: Kevin Miller @KevMill1028

Host, Producer: John Brooks @Brooksy______

Artwork: Tom Macaluso @SpikeInitiative


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