It’s been quite a year for Kolohe Andino. Lockdown, a dream surf trip to Indo, surgery after an injury at Pipeline, and a baby on the way. There’s that big trip to Japan ahead of him, and now an upcoming surf film dropping in September too. In “Homegrown,” Brother sits down in San Clemente to reflect on it all.

“It’s been a weird year because I haven’t surfed much, and I thought surfing, especially competitive surfing, was my life,” said Kolohe. “Once that got taken away from me, all of these rad new things started happening — It’s been the best year of my life.”

There’s not a face in the San Clemente lineups that Kolohe doesn’t recognize, and the roots of his surf town upbringing now span across multiple generations of surfers, young and old. While he’ll be back to chasing waves around the globe soon, there’s still no place like home.


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