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    Kane Johnson

    I know that Kelly is the next E.A.S.T surfer according to the podcast.  I also know  that I am playing catch up here and am late to the game on this topic discussion.  However, I feel as though Mikey fits the mold and is a perfect blend of Scott’s desire to have a shaper (as Mikey dabbles in shaping), and David’s desire to have a stylish surfer who can flow on anything under his feet.  Thoughts?


    I like seeing Mikey surf, but I’m not convinced he’s as talented as Mason, Noa Deane, Steph, Kelly (obviously) . . . all previous EAST pilots. I could be wrong and I’m sure people will tell me I am. I’ve also not heard him communicate about boards enough to convince me that he’s articulate design details or sensations as well as Steph or as entertainingly as Dane or Mason & Coco.

    A listener mentioned the Gudang bros as candidates, which I think could be awesome. I do think that this recent installation was the best yet. Each video piece Stab puts out improves on the previous. Really solid work coming from that camp. I’m grateful for it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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