As an accompaniment to episode 002 of Creators & Innovators, we’ve collected surfboard reviews from podcast listeners who own and ride Christine’s hand-shaped boards. Christine chimes in with design detail for each board and then shares her recent experience riding an air mat, which board she’d order from any shaper on the planet, and what she’s currently riding. Enjoy!

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Board #1: 7′ Labyrinth, Edge Board, Single Fin

Reviewed by @SealBeachMike

Board #2: 5’2″ Moontail Quad

Reviewed by @DylanWouldGo

(This isn’t Dylan’s exact board, but it’s the same model)

Board #3: 6’2″ Scout, Single Fin

Reviewed by @rblck


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Host, Writer, Producer: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales


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