Recorded at Surf Expo 2019, David Lee Scales and Chas Smith discuss new opportunities for brands to communicate their messaging through podcasting and how they utilize the Surf Splendor podcast network to access a broader audience, tell richer stories, and actively engage their fans. Topics covered include; podcasting 101, the anti-commercial, the value of intimacy, and a new style of loyalty.

Special thanks to Surf Expo and the Florida Surf Film Festival for hosting the seminar.

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Click HERE to access David’s seminar notes

Surf Expo Podcast Speech – David Scales


Sponsor: Florida Surf Film Festival @FLSurfFilmFest

Sponsor: Surf Expo @SurfExpo

Co-Host, Producer, Edit: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

Co-Host: Chas Smith @SurfJournalist


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