1965 World Surfing Champion Felipe Pomar joins us to discuss lessons he’s learned from 66 years of big wave riding, why he stopped drinking 60 years ago, how he plans to surf till 100, losing a friend at Pipeline, and why it’s a bad idea to attempt to surf a tsunami. Enjoy!

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Felipe with Duke

Joey Cabell, Duke, and Felipe Pomar

Felipe Pomar, George Downing, Mike Doyle, Duke Kahanamoku, Fred Hemmings Jr. Star-Bulletin photo by John Titchen. December 1965.

Felipe Pomar at Pico Alto
A traditional fisherman’s Caballito de Totora in Peru; the oldest form of surfing, dating back 5000 years.

Felipe Pomar, Tom Woods, and Jeff Hakman, founders of Surf Till 100


Host, Producer: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

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