Today we review and discuss the Dream Fish Twin with Roger Hinds; an alternative shortboard featuring a swallow tail and two fins that are separated by a single channel that provides bite for the traditional Vee. Should you add a Dream Fish Twin to your quiver? David offers all the info you’ll need to answer that question. Enjoy!

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A single subtle channel in the middle of the traditional Vee
I found the C-Drives to have too much hold. The board tracked too straight. I preferred the NVS Album Uprights.
Hard to tell in this photo, but the Album Upright fin on the left sits at a 6.5 degree angle of cant. The C-Drive on the right sits at 4 degrees. Roger attributes the angle of cant as the culprit for the C-Drive’s hold.

Here Roger’s marking fin placement adjustments for the new version.
The blank features a dark wood stringer with black glue lines and then parallel red glue lines 5″ off center.
Very hard to read here but the dims are: 6′ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

The YouTube video with imagery of this board will be posted next week.


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