Convicted murderer, national surfing champ, and mastermind of America’s biggest ever jewel heist, Jack Roland Murphy is the subject of today’s show. Journalist and podcaster Nathan Scott spent 9 months with Murphy and his peers to investigate facts new details of this decades old case. We chat with Nathan to hear about his new podcast series and about the dramatic confrontation that ended his relationship with Murf the Surf. Enjoy!

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The Star of India sapphire is one of the jewel’s Murphy and his cohorts stole from the Museum of Natural History.
3/17/1967, Albert Coya/Miami Herald Staff — Jack Murphy, Murf the Surf, surfing.
A smashed case (from a different heist) at the American Museum of Natural History.
The Star of India sapphire is a 563 carat stone and one of the 23 that was stolen by Jack Murphy. Thankfully, it was eventually recovered and is now on display at the American Museum of Natural History.
Some of the stones that were recovered.

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