Wyatt Daily shares his discovery of previously unseen surf footage of Greenough, Yater, and dozens more who would spark a design revolution and indelibly change the trajectory of surfing, as documented in his latest film, “Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story”. Enjoy!

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Filmmaker Wyatt Daily and producer Justin Misch at The Florida Surf Film Festival
Justin Misch, Florida Surf Film co-founder Kevin Miller, Wyatt Daily, Florida Surf Film co-founder John Brooks, and filmmaker/photographer Jack Coleman.

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Making of story ? Over the course of making this film we took low resolution footage from all sources: dvd, websites, vhs, even cell phone. We used whatever we could to cut the film and get the story. After we secured permission to use the footage, we then set about getting the best version of each specific clip. This means we digitized, remastered, re-scanned and dug deep to get the best possible quality imagery in the final film. It was a long process, but looking at shots like this – which previously had a pixelated, flat look – and seeing them anew, it’s like discovering the whole film all over again. Notice the detail of the ding repair on Nat’s classic keel fin board, and the extreme downrail transition design . . . . Now streaming on iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play & YouTube! ? Nat Young getting barreled in “Crystal Voyager” 1973 by David Elfick . . . . @originsarchival #NatYoung #CrystalVoyager #barreled #yaterfilm #greenough #greenoughfilm #singlefin #santabarbara #sb #surfing #keelfin #1973 #70s

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Bruce Brown ? of The Endless Summer said: “A lot of time the story just unravels. Because we were just doing stuff, going places- or whatever-without knowing exactly what we were getting into. You basically got to make it up as you go along. And then when you see the story or something, then you have to seize the opportunity to elaborate on it or shoot it or whatever. Very little of the stuff I ever did was scripted or planned in advance. You can’t go, ‘Well, I’m going to Hawaii and shoot Waimea at 20 feet.’ May not happen.” – Bruce Brown, 2017 . . . . Now streaming on iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play & YouTube! ? Images from the film . . . . #BruceBrown #stevemcqueen #endlesssummer #surffilm #history #surfing #archive #singlefin #filmmaking #documentary

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Host, Producer: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

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