Donald Brink chats with Surfrider CEO Chad Nelson and surfboard shapers around the world who have built boards from lobster buoys, miso barrels, and 200 year old savaged barn wood to outline options for sustainable surfboard building.

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UBUNTU… available 2020


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I’m not sure how to approach saying thank you to everyone that helped made this happen. Last night, I won the @visslasurf and @surfrider #creatorscontest, which was stacked with heavy competition from around the world. Months of preparation, design, and construction went into this board. I mostly need to thank @bluepamplemousse for her patience with me while I built this board. Also, what can be said about someone like @bagels.n.boardin, who flew out from Rhode Island to see and film the competition. We got to surf a bit and cruise around yesterday with @woodinsurfboards, thanks Kurtis! Thanks to @nickm_k and @chelsg89 for the lovely Boston-themed and autumnal scented accommodations, it’s like I never left! And thank you to @illingworthr @shannietess @ryancscott and @noa_squared and anyone else that contributed to or encouraged this project, I couldn’t have done it without you! New England’s surf culture is nothing greater than cute in comparison to Southern California. It’s humbling as a shaper and builder to see how encompassing surfing is out here. It really puts the sport in perspective. Remember, the ocean doesn’t care about egos, experience, where you live, or if you wear a leash. I say surfers need to band together for love of the ocean and do our part to preserve and protect it for the sake of the earth and of surfing itself. Competitions like this one are the birthing place of bigger ideas, shifting perspectives, and fueling stoke. Congratulations to everyone who entered, made it to the finals, and to those who placed. Here’s to next year!


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a chambered wood surfcraft made from over 200 year old wood I salvage from abandoned houses and barns. inlays repair the nail holes, cracks, and insect markings. a brass leash loop, brass pressure vent and entropy one epoxy resin are the other ingredients completing this seaworthy vessel. made to last, repair, and pass on more beautiful as it ages. shaped in el palmar de vejer, Spain. #creatorscontest #creatorsandinnovators #woodworking #woodsurfboard #hollowwoodensurfboard #salvagedwood #salvagedwoodart #surfboard #surfboardshaper #spain #playaelpalmar #surfspain #ilovetwinfins @entropyresins @entropyresins_eu @visslasurf @surfrider ? @sabinasalvucci


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