Jamie Brisick joins us for a discussion about the first time he smoked pot, his foray into BDSM, the absurdity of giant logos, losing his home to a fire, and how his life would have been different if he “succeeded” in his pro surfing goals. Recorded live at The PHILOsurfer Convergence conference in June 2019.

Jamie also appeared on Episode 244 and Episode 203

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Jamie, mid chat at The PHILOsurfer Convergence Conference
Group photo from The PHILOsurfer Convergence conference.

Jamie Brisick (USA) with a St Leu local know as ‘Surfer Joe’ on French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Brisick was there for a Quiksilver surf trip. Circa 1989 Photo: joliphotos.com
Brisick made the cover at a spot in his beloved Brazil.


Sponsor: Birdwell.com promo code “SURF” for 10% off

Intro Music: Bill Callahan, 747

Segue Music: Hakan Hellstrom, Du Gamla

Outro Music: Erykah Badu, Green Eyes


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