In the new film, “Thank You, Mother”,  Ishka Folkwell showcases Torren Martyn’s surfing on Simon Jones boards to craft an abstract narrative which highlighting that life design and board design are at their fullest expression when simplicity is employed. Torren and Ishka chat with David about the film, collaborating with Albe Falzon, and how to connect with people in this increasingly chaotic world.

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“Thank you, Mother” screenings this week… •Encinitas , La Paloma Theatre, 2/7, 7.30. •Venice Beach, Waterfront Bar, 2/8, 8pm, $5 at the door •San Francisco, Mollusk Surf Shop, 2/9, 7.30pm, $5 at the door •New York, TBC •Florida, New Smyrna Beach, @flsurffilmfest 2/15, 5.30pm The film, presented by @needessentials, began almost two years ago as a story about the act of creating a surfboard and the art of riding one. Exploring the connection between surfer Torren Martyn and his long time friend shaper Simon Jones of ‘Morning of the Earth Surfboards’. This naturally led to the doorstep of another friend and mentor, Albe Falzon and the film became more about connection, creativity and friendship, about surfing, being content and living simply. Narrated by Albert Falzon with a beautiful message of kindness this is a film we would love you to see. @torrenmartyn @ishkaimagery @morningoftheearthsurfboards surfboard 7’9″ channel bottom twin – Original soundtrack by @nickbampton.music

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Host, Writer, Producer: David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

Intro Music: Nick Bampton, Nippon Forest

Outro Music: Nick Bampton, Tropical Savanna


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