In today’s episode we chat with Grain Surfboards co-founder Mike LaVecchia. Based in York, Maine, Grain builders hollow, framed, locally sourced wood surfboards. Mike’s background in boat building and his reverence for historic surf craft positioned him uniquely to push hollow framed board construction into a new design era. He chats about the value of wood as a board building material, working with world class shapers to develop Grain models, and their open-patent business model. Enjoy!

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We constantly want to make our boards better—more sustainable, less confusing to build, stronger, in some cases lighter, and always more fun to ride! With the recent addition of an in-house CNC machine and our board modeling skills ever-so refined, we feel it’s time for some updates on our favorite shapes. . Over the years we’ve ridden our boards in lots of different conditions. Mental notes, white board sketches and scraps of paper have accumulated. Little things we’ve noticed in the way each board rides, in the subtle new ways we shape each model. . Over the course of 2019, look for periodic announcements of the revised models with the new sizes we are offering. . We’ve already finished updating the Waterlog, Root, and Sapling. Next up are some of the shorter boards. Then, some new shapes! Have any suggestions—send them our way! . Read the full blog using the link in our profile. #woodensurfboard #grainsurfboards

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Mid glue-up process of a Grain Fish
The main shop floor, with rocker table in the forground and frame templates along the back wall.
The internal framework templates
Grain’s collection of hand tools
A finished board, with the deck cut to expose the skeletal structure.
Mike with a Ryan Lovelace “Thick Lizzy” design


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