Welcome back to Creators & Innovators, where we seek to distill the character traits, motivations, and the daily rituals of creatives in hopes of developing a blueprint for how to disrupt norms and innovate in one’s own space. Today we bring a conversation with surfboard shaper Christine Brailsford Caro. Christine shares how her early experiences as an artist and her desire to repurpose materials positioned her to help innovate a burgeoning surfboard design that could alter the way waves are ridden. We hope you enjoy the show.

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Here’s one of Christine’s Paipo boards that she discussed . . .

And wood carvings . . .

And illustrations . . .

And much discussed Edge boards . . .

One of Christine’s mentors, Marc Andreini

and a link to Marc’s episode of Surf Splendor

And Cher Pendarvis


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