Ten years ago, at the age of 22, Dave Allee signed the lease to a retail space on Newport Blvd. He partnered with surfboard shaper Griffin Neumann-Kyle to launch Almond Surfboards, built in the traditional of classic California surf brands, but forward thinking and community focused. In today’s show we discuss brand building, burnout, managing growth, hunting, soft tops, Andy Nieblas, and much more. I hope you enjoy.

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6’6 x 21.25” Big Bueno Fish. #almondsurfboards #bbf

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6’6 Joy with oceanic chart print and hotcoat stripe. #joybyalmond

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The early days of Almond and their online presence . . .


Andy would likely never consider himself and “entertainer” but it sure is entertaining (and at times very exciting) to see him perform his craft. I heard first-hand accounts of a wave from @mexilogfest where Andy was paddling back out into the lineup, saw a wave coming, flipped his board around so he was paddling out into the lineup fin-first. Then, as the wave approached, he paddles up the face (still fin first) hops to his feet (having never paddled toward the beach) stalls on his way up the face, and starts sliding down fin-first, gets to the bottom, spins around and starts riding. He surfed the rest of the wave as though nothing had happened. ? Andy is about as entertaining as any surfer in the lineup. There are few things that aren’t in play when he’s doing his thing. Photo: @jeffrey_allee

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Written, hosted, edited, and produced by David Scales @David_Lee_Scales

Intro Music: Hamilton Leithauser, In A Blackout

Outro Music: Bibio, Lovers Carvings


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