Donald Brink is a lead proponent of asymmetrical surfboard design. A designer since youth, Donald paints, makes plywood fins, and as a surfboard shaper he believes that all board designs can be enhanced with asymmetrical adjustments. On today’s show Donald unveils his new collaboration board with Channel Islands and his new podcast venture, Swell With My Soul. The series will follow Donald on his travels as he seeks to find how surfboards add value to people’s ocean going experience.

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Donald Brink by Emroca for Surf Splendor

Today’s studio at Brink Surfboards in Capistrano Beach, CA

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Here’s a few of Donny’s boards . . .


And fins . . .

A snippet of the South African board drive. We’ll post the full film and podcast series next month. Stay tuned .

Here’s a preview of Donald’s collaboration board with Channel Islands . . .

Dane Gudauskas will be the subject of episode 1 of Swell With My Soul.

The conversation is centered around this wave and his sojourn to Cloudbreak during the swell of a lifetime.

CLOUDBREAK ? // May 27, 2018 It’s been an unreal few days in Fiji. So much power in that swell, just getting off the boat you felt like a tiny spec that could be swallowed up by the ocean. This was my first paddle wave of the morning, I was so nervous and excited sitting on the boat watching it, I thought it might calm the nerves to just get out and get one, and hopefully fire up the crew for an epic day of riding. This wave was just a pure lock in, growing and growing all around me until it vaporized me on the inside section. I was so thankful to see Ryan Hargrave pictured in the orange jacket on the ski come ripping through the white water to come grab me after just getting pounded for what felt like ages. View of a life time tho, and a thrill to match. @tannergud and I were cracking up in the boat after saying it felt like I had just been struck by lightening ! Huge thank you to @kaiborg @ryanhargrave and Abe Lerner for looking after everyone with the skis over the past few days, @tavaruaislandresort family, to uri and the local crew, and nomutu and everyone who shared in the magic, that was INSANE! ?@joliphotos

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Photo of the remnants by Donny Brink . . .


Artwork by Jose Emroca Flores, @Emroca

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