Greg Martz founded The Waterman’s Guild in 1983. In the past 35 years it’s become renowned as one of the world’s leading surfboard glass shops; glassing boards for everyone from Dale Velzy, to Lightning Bolt, to Channel Islands and Rusty. In today’s episode Greg explains how one bad fall on a skimboard led him to board building, he reveals the secret for how to properly laminate a surfboard, discusses the value of harsh criticism, and why friends are important in good times and through loss. Lots to learn from Greg. I hope you enjoy.

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Greg with some of his abstract resin artwork

Fun Art exhibit at LBCC last night! #luvwatudo

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Unsigned, almost done! @watermansguild #resinart #luvwatudo #coolshit

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Among the Waterman’s Guild’s impressive work . . .

And Greg’s last ridden, and favorite board, Dave Parmenter’s Stub-Vector. Here’s from Parmenter’s site, Nowtro.com


Intro Music: Sean Hayes, She Knows

Segue Music: David Crosby, Music Is Love

Outro Music: John Prine, Fish & Whistle

Host, Produce, Edit: David Lee Scales @david_lee_scales


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