Roger Hinds’ 40 year mantra, “Built by One Pair of Hands” was challenged last week when his glass shop closed.  In today’s episode we discuss the new economics of board building, why some surfboard brands have outsourced manufacturing, how that has affected the surfboard industry in Southern California, and what’s next for Roger Hinds Surfboards. Enjoy the show.

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And a link to episode 091 featuring Roger’s first appearance on the show.

Roger Hinds by Emroca for Surf Splendor

The referenced Reddit post: LINK HERE

Roger in the bay and in the water in 2015. Video by David.

Roger Hinds: The Checker Board (Part 3 of 3) from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.

Roger Hinds at the Boardroom Show in 2015 Photo: David Scales
Roger hearing that he won the 2015 Icons of Foam shaping competition honoring Rusty Preisendorfer. Photo: David Scales

David’s current fav board from Roger: The Ninja

Roger’s favorite surfer: Stephanie Gilmore

hand of zoom ?

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and Torren Martyn

The video of Mike “Army” Armstrong that Roger referenced from Hawaii 5.0

Shapers Roger admires? Matt Calvani & Wayne Rich

Matt Calvani by Liquid Salt LiquidSaltMag.com
Wayne Rich with his Nightmare shortboard

If Roger could order a board from anyone? George Downing

The last board Roger rode: a self shaped 11′ Ultra Glide


Portrait Illustration: Jose Emroca Flores, Emroca.com and @Emroca

Sponsor: SpyOptic.com promo code “podcast”

Intro Music: Bonnie Raitt, Thank You

Ad Music: BeeJay Ondera, BeeJayOndera.com

Outro: T. Rex, Mambo Sun

Host, Produce, Edit: David Lee Scales @david_lee_scales


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