Dave Prodan is the SVP of Global Brand Identity for the World Surf League. He’s been with the organization since 2005 and has evolved through various roles and has helped shape the WSL as we experience it today. On today’s show, Prodan provides insights into the changes to the 2018 ‘CT season, addresses rumors, makes predictions, and explains why Bobby Martinez would be a compelling wildcard candidate. Enjoy the show!

Dave Prodan keeps a pretty low public profile, but send him a follow request here @DaveProdan and of course, his employer is very accessible @WSL

Dave Prodan. Illustrated by @Emroca (Jose Emroca Flores) for Surf Splendor.


Thanks for the invite, Dave!

David Scales, the Stab Magazine crew, Matt Warshaw and Dylan Heyden, with Dave Prodan overlooking the man soup.


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In the largest deal in WSL history, estimated to net $30 million over the next two years, Facebook entered into an agreement which makes them the exclusive digital home for WSL live events.

How will the viewing experience change? How will the WSL use that cash infusion? What are the benefits for the audience?


Lowers and Fiji are gone. What happened?

Keramas is back. Surf Ranch is added. What is the goal with adding Surf Ranch?


The Pipe Masters will not happen in 2019. Why not? Why doesn’t the WSL just maintain it’s normal permit rather than shifting the dates?

Is the WSL held to unique standards on the North Shore? Are those standards reasonable, both ethically and from a standpoint of business viability?


Mason and TC in Typhoon

Listen to Prodan’s podcast, Kill the Messenger

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