Today we Wax On with “the most interesting surfer in the world” (according to Surfing Magazine), Dave Parmenter.  Dave responds to the public’s perception of him being a curmudgeon, he recounts the time he rode a longboard in the OP Pro, he explains his current exploration of foil surfing, dissects fin design and set-up, and explains the importance of never being boring. Enjoy!

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I’ll be reconnecting with Parmenter next week. What shall we discuss? ? @aleutianjuice #Nowtro #repost from @smashsurf

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Parmenter by Matt George, 1986

So hot right now
Parmenter at the 1988 OP Pro.

Parmenter surfed in the very first wave pool event, in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1985.

Photo: Bill Sharp


“Standard Widow-maker fin placement: The board itself is designed around where the center single fin would go on a straight single. The side fins are then placed so that the rear bases are lined up with the front base of the center single fin. This provides a fairly neutral single fin handling: classic unfettered single fin bottom turns but with just enough claw and bite off the top.”

Listeners wanted to know about Dave’s fascination with the apocalypse. He’s his reading list.

Light summer reading for the trip between Bartertown onward to the Fury Road

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Dave mentions wanting one of Josh Martin’s Hot Curls. Check it out. Click here for the full story and video of the build.




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