Today’s episode is engineered with auditory sensitization systems with hollow fiber ear canal mapping designed to enhance inner cochlea stimulation! Don’t miss it! Oh, and David and Chas discuss Zach Weisberg’s hurt feelings, JJF’s secret power, and which style of tattoo is the new Tramp Stamp. Enjoy!


Stab punks The Inertia  Click to see Stab’s retelling HERE

and the article on The Inertia before they took it down . . .

And Zach Weisberg gets his feelings hurt! Click here to read his full plea . . .

In an attempt to take down Stab, Beach Grit partners with Surfer Magazine!

Chas conveniently “forgets” to boycott the WSL!


On to Pipe!! @wsl

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Here are the numbers from every Pipe Masters since the boys have qualified:
2016 JJF finished 5th, Gabe finished in the 13th
2015 JJF finished 9th, Gabe finishes 2nd
2014 JJF finished 5th, Gabe finished 2nd
2013 JJF finished 2nd, Gabe finished 13th (lost to Florence)
2012 JJF finished 13th, Gabe finished 9th
2011 JJF finished 5th, Gabe 9th

And their average results from Pipe:
JJF: 5, 9, 5, 2, 13, 5 = 6.5
Gabe: 3, 2, 2, 13, 9, 9 = 6.33

JJF hasn’t made the quarters only once since 2013. So if JJF makes the quarters which he tends to do, Gabe needs to win, which he hasn’t done yet.

My prediction: JJF loses in the quarters, Gabe makes the final but finishes 2nd place to . . . Josh Kerr.

Jules and Ashley Oh are pregnant!

Buuuuuttttt, what does this do to Jule’s title hopes?

Statistically, does a baby cuck your world title hopes? Here’s a quick glimpse at the current top 10.

JJF – No baby, no wife
Gabe – No baby, no wife
Jordy – No baby, yes wife
Julian – Baby coming, yes wife
Owen – Baby and wife
Matt – No baby, no wife
AdS – No baby, yes wife but after he won his title
Kolohe – No baby, no wife (he’s on the rise)
Filipe – Baby and wife
Seabass – No baby, engaged

Notoriously traveling with family; Kerr (33rd), Parko (11th), Bourez (16th)


Waxing a brand new board?

Neck tattoos?

Punching your board?

Rubbing sand in your wax to increase traction?


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